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Great success of the ‘Repair, Reuse, Recycle’ Itinerant Workshop in Castilla-La Mancha

During 2023 the program "Repair, Reuse, Recycle" program has taken its mobile workshop to more than 140 municipalities in Castilla-La Mancha.

During 2023 the program
“Repair, Reuse, Recycle” program


has taken its mobile workshop to more than 140 municipalities in Castilla-La Mancha. The initiative is part of a collaboration agreement between


together with the Collective Systems of Extended Producer Responsibility (SCRAP), the Regional Ministry of Sustainable Development of the
Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha and local entities. In 2024, the traveling workshop will continue to visit locations in the five provinces of Castilla-La Mancha.

Since March 2023, the campaign has covered 147 municipalities and 28 counties in the region, giving residents the opportunity to have their devices repaired free of charge. In addition, the van also acted as a mobile clean point, collecting non-repairable devices for proper treatment as waste. The initiative has managed to collect 2,000 kilograms of waste by 2023.

Eighty-one percent of visitors came to the exhibitors to repair household appliances, while 19% were looking to deposit their Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) for proper recycling. Cell phones, irons, coffee makers, mixers and other devices were the most common devices taken for repair.

Among the most frequent repairable failures were broken or loose cables, loose soldering and dust buildup on filters, while non-repairable failures included scale buildup on ironing centers and electronic board failures. Of the electrical and electronic devices brought to the stands by users, 41% were repaired on site, 37% received a diagnosis of the breakdown, and the remaining 22% were destined for recycling.

A total of 5,400 users took advantage of the service, learning about the importance of extending the useful life of their appliances through proper maintenance and small repairs.