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Distributors: recycling, easier than ever


Collection points


International recognition

What are your responsibilities?

Distributors of electrical and electronic devices have a series of responsibilities, mainly laid out in the legal framework set out in Royal Decree 110/2015 and subsequent amendments introduced by Royal Decree 27/2021.

+ Limiting placement of equipment on the market to that manufactured by producers with an identification number in the Integrated Industrial Register (RII-AEE).

+ Acceptance and reception of WEEE, both at the point of sale and at the time of delivery of a new appliance to the purchaser’s address.

+ Authorisation of a collection point for WEEE of up to 25 cm, for distributors with a sales area of at least 400 m2.

+ Issuing of collection receipts to the purchaser handing over WEEE, indicating the date, type of equipment, brand, serial number and destination (recycling or reuse).

+ Managing WEEE collected, either through an Extended Producer Responsibility Collective System (EPRCS) or directly from an authorised manager.

+ Identifying WEEE by electronic tag, so as to ensure the traceability of the waste.

+ Developing agreements to prepare equipment for reuse by logistics platforms.

+ Dissemination of information on the correct collection of WEEE.

RD 110/2015 RD 110/2015
RD 27/2021 RD 27/2021

Why is it important for you to comply with the law?

As distributors, you may be subject to fines or other penalties, such as temporary occupational disqualification or closure of premises, if you don’t comply with your recycling obligations in accordance with Law 07/2022 on Waste and Contaminated Soil.
Financial penalties for failure to meet these responsibilities can be as high as 1,750,000 euros.

LAW 07/2022 LAW 07/2022

What can we offer you?

Fundación ECOTIC has the best platform for collecting and managing waste electrical and electronic equipment, which adapts to the specific needs of the companies we work with, and we provide guidance on the applicable legal requirements and conditions.

✓ Managing devices at the end of their useful life, including collecting waste from the distributor’s facilities or a cargo consolidation centre, transporting it and having it processed by an authorised manager.

✓ Guidance on collection and transport conditions to ensure optimal conditions in terms of logistics needs.

✓ Guidance on WEEE storage conditions and requirements for collection facilities to ensure waste is stored properly until it can be transported to authorised waste managers.

Tagging WEEE to ensure the traceability of the waste to its final destination.

Help identifying producers that comply with current law to avoid any issues related with potential breaches.

Complying with reuse requirements for devices whenever possible.

  • Registration as a collection point, at no cost.
  • Free collection from your facilities.
  • Traceability of the waste through the ECOTIC computer platform
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